Happy christmas***

 How was your christmas?

I had really fun at the night***

We went to get cake in Korean town first ( coz American 's too sweet for me..)

and we had 1 piece of cake at there ,,,,,:)
we couldn't wait till get house !

even we're talking at cafe for a while..chatting..

he said,

Let's get champagne !

We had tried to go wine shop, but it started raining out and they're closed..!!

We gave up, got beer instead of champagne and got home.


I had surprise for him!

I had had 焼酎 called 黒霧島 which he really like the other day.

with message card of coarse.

We had little drinking.
chatting again

''Lets go SMOKE juzz club ’’

SMOKE is the place I really wanted to come since Im in NY!!

got beer and had salad .
The place was so cool and people was so nice .
the play started.
They were playing some christmas music

That was soo amazing night!!

and then

we went to our friend PUPA's house

We 're talking , talking, talking

while listened to music of Eric clapton, drinking, singing...

I was so natural . nothing to think. just feel.

あーー 最高の楽しい時間でした!