since then...


It's been crazy cold in NY!!!!!!!!

また 寒い冬が やってくる。。><

But I like this kanda nostalgic feeling tho.:)

There's Mexican place ''PINCHO'' near my work place.

I go there a looot at least 2 times a

I may be able to live in Mexico.w

またまた 時差 日記。。

We B5000 ART PROJECT had meeting with Don-D who's designer and also making beat.

He took us to hair salon at botanic garden

They had photoshoot
while we had time, we went out and get smth to eat!

on the way

Is this Banksy?!?mmm...not sure but cool!!!!!!!!
We also met chris and yoon who's toy designer!!!!!!!

They're making toy mixed with street fashion like verval collecting.
おなかが へったので

近くにある おいしいってゆってた
Soulfood を5人で 食べる
 in a front of BK museum

めーっちゃ 気持ちよかった^^
went back to salon and hang with cat,,,w
There's stylist and make up artist who does a lot of show and shoot.

These are accessories by MYOB!!!!!!!!!

めっちゃ いいかんじでした!!!!

This is sooo cool!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!
on the way home
地下鉄に のったことがないって!!!


It was nice to meet u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day

Miho asked me to go to H&M renewal opening party

presented by NYLON mag!!!!
Free drinkが おもてなしされ
空腹で 白ワインを呑みながら
買い物するって 最高!!!とゆーか 危険!!!w
いい気持ちになって 思わず色々試着。

でも ほんんと 可愛かった**

STREET SNAPも 撮りました^^

Halloween coming sooon!!!!!!!!